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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Less Mainstream by the day

The Post just wrapped up its annual self-evaluation meeting, an offsite event that includes top editors and executives from the paper's business side. This year's meeting focused on the paper's declining circulation -- now at 709,500 daily copies, down 10 percent over the past two years -- and the results of an extensive readership survey taken last summer.
washington post via kate at small dead animals
So the Post is going to go the shorter stories/bigger graphics route. Dumb down the paper and see if it sells more copies....Hmmmm.

A smarter move would be to ask how many of the missing 70,000 copies have been replaced by the people who read parts of the Post online. And then set out to expand and monatize (what an awful word) that online base.

The Post and many other dead tree newspapers have seen the very thin end of the wedge of "always on" hunting and gathering on the net. Losing 5% a year is nothing to waht is coming as electric paper combines with RSS feeds and freelance editors to bring the news, opinion and a babe of the hour to users via WiFi.

The pieces, if not the prices, are already coming together. And, when they do, the issues in the news room will not be "diversity", they'll be who is going to turn out the lights for the final time.