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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


The need for a realist Left

I have been trolling about in the comments sections of The Tyee and Politics Canada. At both locations the anti-American left is hard at it denoucing America as a "rogue state" and trying hard to spin the successes in Iraq as failures. Sweet Carolyn Parrish is touted as visionary and a pox called down on the "Bush regime".

here's the problem. At some point the left will either hold power or the balance of power (as they do now) in Canada. While it is great fun to poke holes in the conspiracy theories and the paranoia, the fact is that the left's illusions may end up being policy in Canada.

At the moment, the left in the United States is wrestling with the dilemma posed by Bush's re-election. How could they have become so out of touch with America? Why are the people in the flyover states not responding to the left's message? They have not quite reached the point of suggesting there is something flawed in that message; but at least some of the American left are headed in that direction.

Not so, apparently, in Canada. Here the left, perhaps because it is largely powerless, seems to feel free to indulge in a fantasy life which suggests direct connection to an alternative universe.

The question, and I don't have an answer, is whether there is a realist faction on the left. That is a group which is capable of recognizing that the United States is both the only super power and not actually the heart of darkness. (Which is not to say that such a group might not critize the States; but reasonably rather than reflexively.)

If there is such a faction why don't we hear more from them?