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Jay Currie

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Net Politics

Zephyr Teachout ran part of the Dean campaign's wildly successful IT campaign. Se writes a long and vital piece on the impact of the internet, and the missed opportunities of the internet, in the last American election campaign. My bet is that a lot of political consultants, hacks and strategists are going to be passing off the ideas in this essay as their own in Canada's next election. Go read it.

The key point she makes is,
But basically, in the political evolution of the Internet, we have barely touched the surface of its potential to shift the locus of real political power. Never before in history have we had a tool that enables--with so little work--local groups to act in coordination with other local groups elsewhere. Never before in history have we had a tool that at its core holds the solution to the most difficult collective action problems in democracy. And almost no one used it.
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