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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



Over at The Blogging of the President, denial digs in. they have set themselves up as "Republican Election Theft Clearinghouse".

this is pathetic because people like Ian Welsh should be applying their very good analytic minds to how best to overcome the emerging Republican majority. That means facing up to having lost, and lost badly, with a really lame candidate and then figuring out how to a) make sure a better candidate is nominated next time, b) crafting a platform which will reach beyond what will almost certainly be a shrinking Democratic base.

This last election was the high water mark for left Democrats and folks who base their ideology on the distortions and flat out lies of Michael Moore. Most Democrats have now realized that the Fat Bastard cost them more votes than he mobilized - the kids who didn't show up at the polls were Mikey's contribution.

for Democratic activist, it is a pointless waste of time to chase down every vote fraud trope as if it will actually make a difference. Three and a half million more Americans voted for Bush than voted for Kerry. That is a defeat. Move on.