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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Reality bites

"I think we have come to an ending point in a long transition that began in 1968," said Donald L. Fowler, a former national chairman of the party. "During that time, the old Roosevelt Democratic majority coalition has creaked and cracked away under various kinds of racial, religious, social and international forces, and this election was the end point in that transition. I think we live in a country that is majority Republican now."
new york times
I am not at all sure that Fowler is right. However, what America isn't is a nation prepared to support a Liberal Democrat in a time of war. Nor is it a nation preparred to accept the particularist demands of the special interests and minorities who have taken over much of the machinery of the Democratic Party.

Interesting to note that Howard Dean is looking at a run for the Cahirmanship of the Dems. This would be the trigger for the internal civil war which probably needs to happen. Dean would assemble the eager, the minorities and the leftists who were so completely renounced in the election just past. If he wins it is quite possible that the realist wing of the Dems would be excluded completely for an election cycle or two.That wing with its centerist bias will either figure out a way to defeat Dean or to emasculate the position of party Chairman so as to limit the damage.