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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


So it Begins

Late.very late, the Marines have crossed the river and taken the hospital and the bridges to Fallujah. The Black Watch is blocking. Hammer and anvil.
And, worse, they have had time to prepare -- many months in which to anticipate where and how they will meet the "crusaders" and their "apostate" Iraqi allies. They have planted explosive booby traps and rigged car bombs. They have keyed their defense to those sites which they know Americans will be reluctant to engage -- school buildings, hospitals, and of course the city's many mosques and holy sites.
ralph kenny bennett, tech central station
I suspect Bennett is setting up for a long seige. I doubt it will be anything of the sort. The combined arms of the United States are a fearsome sight to behold. The battlefield is prepared. The politics are out of the way. Now it is a techinical battle. On one side a gang of lightly armed insurgents, on the other an army whose ability to expend ammunition is unlimited, whose tactics have been honed in a couple of dozen prior encounters.

the siege of fallujah is going to be quick, bloody and successful. It should have happened in April; it is happening now.

Semper Fi.