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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another



The future of news is online, and traditional media outlets must learn to tailor their products for consumers who demand instant, personalized information, the head of The Associated Press said Friday.

The growth of high-speed broadband connections is leading to a future in which computers are always on "and so are the users," Tom Curley, president and chief executive officer of the world's largest news organization, told the Online News Association conference in Hollywood

The Internet is picking up the readers and viewers that newspapers and TV news shows have been losing, Curley said. It also has changed the balance of power from news providers to consumers, who use Web-surfing programs and video recording devices to control what they want to know and when and where they'll learn it.
cbs via the command post
This past week I have done two interviews - well emailviews - with people writing for journalism reviews in Canada. Both of the intereviews were about blogging and where it is going generally and in Canada.

One of the things I hope I emphasized is that blogging is a tiny part of the picture. In fact,what I think is happening is a significant migration from newspapers and television to the net for news and opinion. I have written elsewhate about the drop off in readership and viewership for MSM among younger people. This is an accelerating trend.

So are ways of getting what you want from the internet. For fun I set up a couple of blogs: and These are entirely fire and forget. They automatically update. Now, at the moment I don't know how to manage the RSS feed so that the Google spider will see the updates and I don't know how to get it to generate archive pages/permalinks (and yes, help or hints would be appreciated). But, very quickly, robo-bloggingtm will allow people to build a site which caters to their interests in real time.

Along with being very cool, it will be yet another nail in the coffin of MSM.