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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another


Bush Nails Grits

James Burns, while still suffering from a major case of Bush Derangement, has not lost his analytical capacity altogether. Over at the Blogs Canada he writes,
I would argue that the Liberals are now weaker domestically as a result of Bush's visit, and I think that was Bush's intention. It was a sugar coated horse pill that the Liberals now have to try and choke down.
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I commented,
I happen to like and support Bush but I think you are right in pointing out that his forcing the BMD issue likely weakened the Liberals. (Which I think is just dandy.)

The problem is that the Grits have been trying to play both sides of the issue. Bush has no time for that sort of fence sitting and, truth be told, not very much for the Liberal Party. So he stuck it to Martin in a strikingly undiplomatic way. Basically Bush forces Martin to make a decision.

As the past few months have shown the last thing in the world Martin wants to do is make any decision more difficult than whether or not peelers should be vetted individually or as a class. (And even here the Grits seem to be waffling.)

Bush, bless him, is not interested in a waffle: he wants a straight answer. Indeed he wants a particular straight answer and he made that very, very clear.

Which buggers Martin because the NDP and assorted Annex dwelling MSM Euro-Canadians (that is Old Europe, French Cadet division) hate BMD because a) its American, b) it "weaponizes" space - like GPS hasn't already, c) well, it's American.

Poor Paul was reduced to pretending that BMD wouldn't weaponize space because the actual missles would, er, maybe, be shot from the ground.

Do ya think Bush cares? Not one bit; in fact I rather suspect he enjoyed making the sanctimonous Grits squirm in their none too comfortable pews.