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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Stingy eh?

No doubt there are worthy Canadian efforts; but amazon is making donating to the Red Cross for tsunami relief one click easy. Go here.

Update: Five hours ago Glen Reynolds was agog that the Amazon fund hit 1 million. I just checked and at 11:20 PST it was 2 million.

It is easy to take the shot, as Jeff Jarvis did, and point out that Amazon has now raised more than France has pledged; but governments have to begin with real assessments of what is most urgently needed and that takes time.

I do note, however, that the American government has now diverted an aircraft carrier and assorted other military assets to help with the clean up - now what is a week of an aircraft carrier's time worth?

Update II
: I checked the number at 10:20 PST: $3,650,000.00 - about $145,000 an hour and I see the meme is spreading with donate buttons popping up around the net.