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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Blogging at the speed of rust

It is taking more than a little while to get used to dial up access. Not in the sense of being able to blog; rather in the sense of it being a drag waiting to see what other blogs and websites have published. Having high speed access makes you want to click on a link or google an assertion you are pretty sure is silly. 56K means waiting for every thing. Huge adjustment.

My friend Ray Tomlin is launching his blog, Vancouver Ramblings tomorrow. Go see it and bookmark it. Ray, despite his occassional lapse to the left, is both a trenchant social critic and the go to guy for movie lore in Vancouver. Over time he is planning on putting up his archive of over 1000 movie reviews. It is the sort of archive which gives you an authoritative source as you wander off to the video store. Pithy, opinionated and fun to read.

Better still, he is updating with current movie material. Go read and enjoy!


Coyne back

The bright lights at Rogers dropped Andrew Coyne for exceeding his bandwidth quota. A day's notice. Very bright. Dazzling.

Andrew is back at The Globe and Mail and the National Post's loss is an adornment to Canadian blogging I say. In fact, if you really look at it, a fair number of really good Canadian writers are now available only on the net.



Reuters reports that scientists have created a human clone and taken stem cells from it.

With those cells they were able to grow eyes, muscle, bone and cartilage. The thinking is that there is a possibility of growing custom human organs from these cell.

My own thought is that this is an intermediate step. At this stage the blastocysts, 100 cell embryos, could, in theory, grow into humans. If they were left alone.

A more elegant and ethically more defensible methodology would be to clone the stem cells themselves. While it is splitting hairs, it is the case that a given stem cell, left to itself would not grow into a human, whereas a blastocyst might.

While I accept the legality of abortion, I accept it on the basis of balancing the interests of a mother against those of a very small portential human. But I cannot imagine growing a viable human for the express purpose of harvesting its cells.

Taking a single stem cell does not imperil the embryo and may very well, when cloned, ensure the lives of thousands. Which seems ethically ok; but creating and destroying an embyro for no other reason than to take its cells is rather monstorous.

Sullivan up at The American Spectator

My piece on Andrew Sullivangoing wobbly on President Bush is up at the American Spectator. To save a little email, I happen to agree with Sullivan on questions like gay marriage - but then I don't purport to be writing from the right in American politics.


Dial Up

Yikes! I had forgotten just how remarkably slow dial up is. But, at the same time, being online from way up a semi remote island is what will make this glorious spot possible. At the moment I am writing on Susan's iMac which means I don't have access to all the groovy little progams which make uploading pictures easy...Tomorrow.

Made It

In a mad rush, pounding towards the ferry in the pouring rain, we made it. Galiano! Eagles, seals, dial up modems....blogging will continue to be light but I'll post a few pics later in the day. Including the caro van in the ditch at 11:30 at night in the rain....Much fun indeed.