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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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We need more of This

NOW magazine in Toronto is reliably left wing and more than happy to slag Harper. It has published a run down of all Harper's rightish conceits and concluded,
What is NOW on about? Here's a selection:

- Hired a former Winnipeg radio jock fired for saying that "diesel dykes (are) running the school board" to be his media spokesperson in his 2002 Alliance leadership bid

- Conservatives' interim policy document refers darkly to focusing on attracting immigrants who can best integrate into the "Canadian fabric" (read mostly white, mostly Europeans).

- Favours abolishing human rights commissions, calling them "an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society.... It is in fact totalitarianism."

- Opposes recognizing special status for Quebec.

- Supported U.S. war in Iraq.

- Has suggested that Albertans "should build firewalls around Alberta," including replacing RCMP with its own provincial police.

- Calls Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions a "boondoggle." He's not convinced that global warming is the consequence of human activity – a little like Stockwell Day believing humans once walked the earth with dinosaurs.

Delightful. Let's see, Trudeau opposed special status for Quebec, 60% of English Canadians supported the invasion of Iraq,Quebec and Ontario have their own provincial police forces, human rights commissions tend to replace Charter rights with a bizarre form of political correct nonsense which has no basis in actual law, "best integrate" does not "read" whites only, the evidence on greenhouse gas and human activity is iffy at best, and, hey, who knows diesel dykes may very well be running the Winnipeg School what?

The Left is getting desperate. They need to paint Harper as an extremist and they are perfectly happy to clutch at any straws which may come along. Canadians are, I think, a bit too smart for that

updated June 6, 2004

The Ugly Truth about the UK's anti-war movement

In the New Statesman,
ust before the war against Iraq I began to receive strange calls from BBC journalists. Would I like information on how the leadership of the anti-war movement had been taken over by the Socialist Workers Party? Maybe, I replied. It was depressing that a totalitarian party was in the saddle, but that's where the SWP always tries to get. Why get excited?

Oh there are lots of reasons, said the BBC hacks. The anti-war movement wasn't a simple repetition of the old story of the politically naive being led by the nose by sly operators. The far left was becoming the far right. It had gone as close to supporting Ba'athist fascism as it dared and had formed a working alliance with the Muslim Association of Britain, which, along with the usual misogyny and homophobia of such organisations, also believed that Muslims who decided that there was no God deserved to die for the crime of free thought. In a few weeks hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, would allow themselves to be organised by the opponents of democracy and modernity and would march through the streets of London without a flicker of self-doubt. Wasn't this a story?

It's a great story, I cried. But why don't you broadcast it?

We can't, said the bitter hacks. Our editors won't let us.

Radio silence was imposed on the sinister and in many ways right-wing behaviour of the far left and has continued into the campaign for this month's elections. With the exception of the New Statesman and Tribune - and the Harry's Place website at - no one has found it worth noting that, for the first time since the Enlightenment, a section of the left is allied with religious fanaticism and, for the first time since the Hitler-Stalin pact, a section of the left has gone soft on fascism.

the new statesman
The ability of the hard left to be transformed into handmaidens of Islamofascism is astonishing and worrying. It is also a story which the liberal media simply do not want to see covered.

via instapundit


No Choice, Never, Ever....We're the NDP

Nice to see Jack Layton returning to the bedrock of state coercion:
Layton said he would amend the Canada Health Act to prohibit public money from going to new private, for-profit hospitals. He said MRI services would be included in the definition of medicare and protected from privatization.

"Canadians have said clearly they want to strengthen public health care with innovation, not privatization like we've seen in B.C. and Alberta," Layton said.
Wouldn't want the middle class to do what the rich do by flying to New York or Miami or Palm Desert. And imagine the cheek of private sector folks who think they can deliver health care for less than in public hospitals and want to pass the savings on to the "single payer". It is, unless Layton is immediately elected, the end of life as we know it.


From David Frum's Diary,
Canada's governing (but maybe not for long!) Liberals have just released their election platform. Among the promises: funds to recruit 8,500 additional service personnel for Canada's ailing military. But wait! How does this promise jibe with the Liberals' attacks on Conservative leader Stephen Harper as "un-Canadian" for his earlier commitment to strengthen the Forces? Answer - the Liberals promise that the additional 8,500 will be formed into a special brigade dedicated to "peace support."
david frum
This is the all things to all people gambit. War if necessary but not necessarily war to paraphrase WLM-K. The more conservative Canadians are supposed to be happy that Martin, after starving the Canadian forces for years, is going to pony up some money. The friends and supporters of Lloyd Axworthy and the peacenik fringe of the Left are supposed to be relieved that this brigade will do nice things like "peace support."

In fact it is nothing more than transparent pandering and both right and left will see it for what it is.


A bit early to be this desperate

Of course Paul Martin had no idea two of his cabinet ministers were going to "swoop" down on Stephen Harper to badger him about economic issues and abortion. None....No, really, he'll resign if you can prove he knew...

This is the sort of tactic a party in a nose dive tries. Hey, the Liberals have nothing to lose. Combined with the idiocy of having the Children's Miracle Network break the law against third party advertising during the writ period,
I discovered to my amazement that the Children’s Miracle Network, normally a sensible organization comprising Canada’s premier children’s hospitals, had taken out a full page add showing a small child who had suffered a horrible accident and had been helped by the Network. In the picture was a woman that appeared to be the child’s mother and Prime Minister Paul Martin, shown reaching out to the child.
In the midst of an election campaign, perhaps the most divisive one in more than a decade, we have the Children’s Miracle Network sending a clear message to Canadian Conservatives — we support Paul Martin.
John Turley-Ewart, Across the Board
it looks to me as though the rot, and therefore the rout, has set in.

Update: Warren Kinsella "You know, guys, there's something called dying with dignity. This isn't."


Bloc this

The Toronto Star is a titch agitated that the Bloc might support a Conservative minority government. Ah well. But there is an interesting quote from Duceppe in today's Globe,
Mr. Duceppe said his party has never discussed the possibility of a minority government with the Conservatives, and particularly not with the Liberals, their biggest rival.

But he acknowledged that he has begun to examine scenarios where the Bloc would decide who would form the next government.

"We are Quebec's ally," Mr. Duceppe said. "We will support all that is good for Quebec and we will oppose all that is bad for Quebec regardless of the party involved."

Mr. Duceppe suggested that the Bloc would oppose the Conservative Party's proposal to increase spending on the military, as well as many of their social policies. However, Mr. Duceppe noted that the Conservatives share the Bloc's point of view on the fiscal imbalance between Ottawa and the provinces.
globe and mail
Other than making the need to achieve a majority all the more apparent Duceppe makes it plain the BQ has a price.

Now, I wonder if Harper will be willing to, for example, leave Canadian troops ill-equiped, in order to meet Duceppe's terms. In the last few years, leaving aside issues of soverignty, Quebec has shifted in the direction of Old Europe. Arguably the reason why Canada did not send at least a token force to Iraq was Quebec public opinion. So can Harper ride that tiger to power and then figure out a graceful way of getting off?

[cross posted to Shotgun]


Porn, More Porn than you can imagine

As regular readers know I do a blog about installing filters in libraries. I do it with my strange friend Bob Turner. He blogs about filtering here.

In the course of writing about internet filtering there has been a huge argument about the "tranparency" of the block lists. Basically, many filtering companies keep their block lists encrypted. This means libraries, inter alia, have no real idea of what is being blocked when they buy a filter. Not so IF2K, Bob's filter.

But the anti-filter activists and the librarians simply don't want to know so Bob has gone a step further in the quest for transparency. He has posted his porn block list with live links to the sites.

Now this may very well be the most boring bit of pornography you will ever see. It is a list of the URLs (which are linked) for every site Bob's filter blocks. But it also makes the point that there is a lot of the stuff out there and it is possible to disclose the list and still filter.

You can find the site here It is safe for work but not one of the links is.


The Harper Circle

Kevin Grace at the Ambler is not at all nice about the philosophical contortions of Stephen Harper.
It is also possible that Harper is a cynic and has from the beginning told particular people whatever he thinks they want to hear. There are five distinct stages to Harper’s career, and they describe a full circle.

1. Mid-1980s: Mulroneyite Conservative.
2. 1987-1997: The hard man of the Reform Party, holder of "extreme" opinions on Quebec and native Indians.
3. 1997-2000: The systemic revolutionary who argued that, as the Liberals keep winning elections, the first-past-the-post electoral system must be replaced with proportional representation.
4. 2001: The Alberta (quasi-) separatist. Signatory to and prime mover behind the "Alberta Agenda."
5. 2002-present: Mulroneyite Conservative.
the ambler
The grave danger faced by the Conservatives is that they will be seduced enough by the possibility of power to simply carry on with the policies of the Liberal Party pausing only to improve the management. While this might fly in Ontario, it is not what Canada needs.

The Conservative Party is petrified that the same brush which was used to tar Stockwell Day will smear Harper. So, instead of campaigning with a positive vision for Canada they are avoiding any vision. "Scare no voters" seems to be the theme so far. If they were running against anyone but the visionless Martin Liberals this would not it is just too tempting.