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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Legal Downloading

With all the fanfare money can buy I-Tunes is available in Canada.
Canadians are finally getting a taste of Apple's iTunes. The legal music download service finally launched in Canada yesterday, bringing with it over 700,000 songs, exclusive tracks, celebrity playlists and multiple CD burning rights.
winnipeg sun
Of course, as Candians, thanks to the Federal Court, all music downloading is legal, thank you very much.


Don't look behind the screen

The ever insightful Wretchard at Belmont Club writes,
That in turn suggests that the Gulf War and subsequent events, far from being a purely bilateral struggle between the United States and Saddam's regime, was really the nexus of a great power struggle involving France, Russia and the US. French policy in the Security Council prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom; their determined efforts to prevent the 4th ID from deploying through Turkey and its hostile attitude toward the Allawie government hints that the real bone of contention with Paris was not over how to topple Saddam but whether or not to keep him there.
belmont club
Bottom line: it begins to emerge that the French, bought and paid for by Saddam, were never going to allow the Security Council to pass a positive resolution authorizing a further use of force in Iraq. Given their veto the Security Council was neutered in the conflict.

Todays report on improving the performance of the Security Council and the UN in general, while a welcome recognition that in an era of terrorism pre-emption is necessary, does not and cannot address the rot at the heart of the Security Council. So long as third rate nations such as France and Russia continue to enjoy a veto, the Security Council can be hamstrung with a couple of billion dollars in bribes. Hell, Bill Gates could arrange a bribe veto.

In diplomacy there is always an urge, paid for or not, to do nothing and await events. It is effectively built into the system. Which, in many cases is a good thing. But in the case of Iraq or the Sudan or Rwanda, it ensures either unilateral action without the full force of UN support or inaction resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. All of which strongly suggests the UN is broken. Whether it can be fixed is a whole other question.

Getting rid of Annan would be a start.


CBC spins hard

Welcome Instapundit fans!

Our government news service is not best pleased with the low turnout for the anti-Bush protests. A turnout so low it dare not speak its name:
As many as 5,000 protesters thronged the streets around Parliament Hill Tuesday, some scuffling with police as they demonstrated against the visiting U.S. president, George W. Bush.
"As many as". No actual number because around 3000 is, shall we say, sub-Ukrainian.

However, the wall cracked just a little with this picture:

Miss Parrish was recently kicked out of the Liberal caucus for disloyalty to the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party. Her remarks about "Those American bastards, I hate them." and "coalition of idiots" had nothing to do with it. For which many Canadians are deeply sorry.

Support Canadian Blogging

Some of the sites Glenn mentions in his post on President Bush's trip to the snowy North have ads...

Bush Protests Fizzle

Agitated grandmothers mingled with shouting student activists as at least 3,000 demonstrators rolled out the unwelcome mat Tuesday for visiting U.S. President George W. Bush.
3000 people, and I suspect CP is being generous, is barely a protest at all. Maybe the Bush haters stayed home expecting the RCMP to simply arrest him. Snort!


A defence of, well, er, television

Back in August a piece of mine ran in the Ottawa Citizen on Canadian literary blogs. In it I wrote,
Socar Miles is simply one of the best writers in Canada. She writes so well that you forgive her for writing far too often about her giant pouched rat, Stella. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of opera, books, brothels, art, design. Maddeningly, Miles is actually a professional artist rather than writer. Ratty's Ghost blogs the notes for a wonderful, quirky, novel Miles is not aware she's writing. Her descriptions of bad dates, a mysterious shoe in her solarium, landlord visitations and the state of her Visa bill are as fresh, funny and cringe inducing as anything in Lucky Jim.
Socar has a defence of television up at her site,
I love the chirpy lady on the Chinese news station, the one that always trips over her own tongue. (I can't understand a word she says. For that, I love her even more.) I love shreds of conversation caught in channel-surfing. I love not having the faintest idea who's doing what to whom, because I'm really reading a book instead of watching the film. I love the upward inflection of questions I didn't quite catch, and the silly folks who put a loonie in the machine so they can say their piece on CityTV. (Man with the Viagra sign, singing your brother a happy-fiftieth song, I mean you. You made my week last week. I love you. You are wittier than a box of philosophers, and balder than the American eagle.)
ratty's ghost
Go read the whole thing and checkout the special Socar Miles double blue dildo'll be horrified. (Not safe for socons. NSFStm)


N.Z. Bear

N.Z. Bear has built the valuable site The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem, which ranks weblogs by traffic and authority if you are into that sort of thing. He is writing in Tech Central Station on the erosion of the differences between MSM and the blogosphere,
And so "media" in general, and journalism in particular, is no longer restricted to a small guild of paid professionals. Everyone who wants to be is now In -- some are simply more In than others.

This is happening faster in the States than it is in Canada for a few reasons.

The biggest reason is we have yet to find our Glenn Reynolds. Basically we need a linker - we have plenty of thinkers....

Desperation in the Ukraine

"We are in a situation where neither the government nor the opposition can allow themselves to take a radical decision, not to take into account the other's interests, or the risks of a partition are real," said Volodymyr Malinkovtch, a former adviser to outgoing President Leonid Kuchma.
the turkish press
So says the old guard on its way out,
Political analyst Oleksandsr Derhachov, however, says the events of the last week also represent a seismic shift in Ukraine after years of stifling post-Soviet rule.

"Ukraine will never be the same again. It's really an orange revolution which marks the emergence of a civil society," he said.
the turkish press
The threat of the partition of the Ukraine comes entirely from the pro-Russian east of the nation. Sadly, it has support from the Russians themselves.

I suspect, however, that this particular train has left the station and the threat of partition will be greeted with -- Go.