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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Interesting dicussion over at the Tyee on the question of balance in MSM and the stautus of the Tyee - which is unabashedly left in orientation. To quote Norm Spector,

First, there is greater diversity of opinion in the National Post and in any CanWest paper than there is in the Tyee. So, in that sense, I would say that you've moved down the journalism standards food chain in leaving the Sun and joining the Tyee in part, as you acknowledge, because it is consistent with your "political outlook."
the tyee, comments
I happen to disagree with the vast majority of the material the Tyee publishes; but I think that as a publication, the Tyee has quickly established itself as a critical alternative to the homoginized pieties of MSM in BC. Which can only be a good thing.