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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Blogs Unite!

Bloggers of all stripes are realizing that we, as a medium, are facing an attack from the media establishment -- from the newsrooms to the J-schools. They hoped we would go away after the election but we're still around causing all kinds of trouble, so they will use every hook to try and discredit the blogosphere.

As Jerome notes, we're at war with the Right, and the conservative bloggers see themselves at war with the Left. But I think we're seeing a measure of solidarity when our medium is under attack. And make no mistake about it, the media establishment is gunning for us.

Their latest tactic is to create impossibily high financial standards for bloggers. Journalists get paid for their work. Bloggers, with few exceptions, cannot make a living off their work. So, we will all, by definition, have outside financial interests.
daily kos
I have zero time for Kos but he does have a point regarding the accusations tossed at him by the Wall Street Journal after Zephyr Teachout wrote that, er, yes the Dean campaign was hoping Kos would support the Dean campaign after it started paying him $3000.00 a month for "technical consulting". As Kos disclosed his relationship to the Dean campaign I'd say there is simply no story here.

I think Kos is a bit over the top about legacy media's reaction to blogs; but there are certainly people paying attention this year who were not a year ago. Attention means scrutiny and those of us who blog have to be careful to disclose if - come the day - we are getting paid by politicians, parties, corporations or unions. That's what's fair for our readers.