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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The reoport on CBS's forged memos is out. To my not very great surprise the producer of the show has been fired and some suits above have been asked to resign. All of which is a good thing.

The producer of the piece, Mary Mapes, was also faulted for calling Joe Lockhart, a senior official in the John Kerry campaign, prior to the airing of the piece, and offering to put Burkett in touch with him. The panel called Mapes’ action a “clear conflict of interest that created the appearance of political bias.”
This is rather more than an "appearence of bias". An appearence of bias would be created by actions which might be construed as political; calling up a Kerry campaign guy with an offer to hook him up with the fake memos leaves no room for consruction. It's bias.

The full report is online in PDF and, I'm afraid, I am not going to have a chance to read it until very much later. My sense though is that the panellists did a pretty good job tracing the decisions which lead to the airing of the forgeries and the 12 day defence of the indefensible.

Arrogance is never pretty.