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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Comes the Day

The Iraqi election is 17 days away. The bright lights behind the Sunni/Baathist/jhihadi terror are certainly positioning themselves for reprisals:

Gunmen killed a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s most senior Shiite Muslim cleric, along with the aide’s son and four bodyguards in a town south of Baghdad, an official in the cleric’s office said Thursday.

Insurgents trying to derail Iraq’s Jan. 30 elections appeared to be sending a message to al-Sistani, who strongly supports the vote. Insurgents have targeted electoral workers and candidates.
At the moment it is looking like a safe bet that the Iraqi elections are going forward. Which, with Sunni's boycotting (a vote is really not worth a bullet) will mean that the government of Iraq is going to become a Shi'ite/Kurd enterprise.

Both these groups have no reason to like the Sunnis who Uncle Cuddles used as his executioners and torturers. The Shi'ites will like them even less after incidents like this assasination. And once the Shi'ites are elected what, exactly, is going to stop them from seeking their revenge?? It is not as if the Americans are going to be unhappy to see really punative measures taken against the so called "insurgents". And, even if the Americans are unhappy, such measures will be taken by a duly elected government seeking to end what amounts to a civil war.

Nasty and bloody I suspect.