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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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"US Secretary of State Colin Powell said the United States was dissolving the “core group” of nations it formed last week to expedite aid for victims of the disaster.

The group — comprising the US, Japan, Australia and India — would now work under the United Nations after having “served its purpose” in catalysing relief efforts, he said.

The group had been criticised by some for usurping the UN’s relief coordination role, but Powell said Annan “can count on our full support”."
times of oman
No doubt, in about a month, the UN will be set up to take over the day to day administration of aid in Asia. But ceding control at this point, for no particularily good reason other than the fact the UN bureaucrat asked, is dumb. And ceding it without iron clad rights of audit and the capacity for the US and Australia to place their people at the very top of the emerging UN organization is dumber.

New worlds to conquer for the Toyota Taliban.