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Vitor Marciano posts at his blog, What it takes to Win the results of a trawl through the online Elections Canada data base of political contributions.

The most interesting of the lot is the fact that first the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in 1993 - when Chretien held that Office - donated $60,268.00 to, surprise, The Liberal Party of Canada. And then, in 1997, the Office of the Prime Minister donated $43,389.00. You can verify this here by typing in "Office of the" in the search area.

Now, at a guess this is more an accounting matter than anything else. Likely, the OLO and PMO found that staffers had done purely political work and, to be on the safe side, declared the value of such work as a cash contribution. But Vitor's point remains, the people of Canada pay the salaries of the OLO/PMO folks.

And, as Vitor points out, there are hours of appoplexy inducing fun to be had typing in the names of your favorite charity, university, zoo or hospital and seeing where their donations went...Here's a hint, not likely to be the CPC or the Alliance or the Reform Party.

Great job Vitor!