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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Ho Ho

From Joel Flemming's "Capitalist Contradictions and the Implications Therein for 'New' Imperialism"

Satisfied, as it were, with a tawdry one night stand, finance capital entered new markets, injected its surplus, and slipped out the door, profits in hand, as dawn broke, unconcerned with the consequences for its conquests.
Carrying this metaphor to its logical conclusion and to the boundaries of good taste, leads to the question of libido and an examination of those forces that propelled the capitalist, imperial lust.
joel flemming
The elderly TA gave this delightful parody of the bleeding edge of Marxist analysis 85%. Mr. Flemming is, apparently, thinking of going into law. A mistake I should think. My friend John Morris once said, and I think he was quoting someone else, "There are no funny lawyers, just funny people who made career mistakes."