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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Mope, Flail - Yikes

The subhead on the Globe and Mail Iraqi election story pretty much sums up MSM reaction to the heroic turnout in yesterday's election: "Despite high turnout, vote's success rests on Sunni acceptance".

Says who?

Well, no less a personage than the UN electoral adviser, a Carlos Valenzuela,

"For true acceptance of the results, people will be looking at the level of Sunni participation," Mr. Valenzuela said. "That's the indicator, and expectations are low. It's not a given that the results will be accepted. It depends on the Sunni minority . . . but it looks promising, we hope."
globe and mail
Which is rather like saying that the legitimacy of the first democratic elections in South Africa depended upon the acceptance of the Afrikaners.

Yeah, right.