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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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A run around my blogroll

I have a couple of weeks of decent internet access ahead so I can blog a little more. time to check out the good people to your left.

Bree is excited, as only those of us on the West Coast can be, with the couple of centimeters, call it an inch, of snow which has fallen in Vancouver. Here at the top of a hill on Galiano we - well Sam and I - are hoping for at least a foot...none so far.

serves up his National Post column on the Leader of the Ontario NDP's apparent conversion to libertarianism. And then offers a link to the sad tale of the only Kenyan tsunami fatality.

Kevin Grace gives his readers the wonderful Chirstmas gift of the Tolstoy short novella, What Men Live By. If you have never read it or want to read one of the very best stories of faith ever written The Ambler is the place. KMG also remains unimpressed with Canadian immigration policy and its defenders:

Massive immigration transforms native Canadians into foreigners in their own country (particularly in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), cheats high-class Canadians of government (and government-regulated) jobs and placements in the professions. It not only cheats lower-class Canadians of jobs but also dramatically lowers the wages paid by those jobs still available to them. Massive immigration has transformed Canada into a linguistic Babel, corrupted our politics, introduced terrorist enclaves into this formerly peaceful land and engendered a Canada where it is perfectly acceptable, even praiseworthy, to hate white people for the colour of our skin.
No one has ever accused Kevin of political correctness.

Religion collides with culture over at Relapsed Catholic where Kathy is avoiding snarkiness and linking furiously. I have often thought Kathy could become the linker Canada needs but she is more interested and, perhaps interesting, at the messy intersection of faith and society.

I read Winds of War as much for a decent take on international news as anything else. Joe Katzman and his troop of precision bloggers understand the WOT, get what is at stake but avoid sensationalism or taking too partisan an approach. Worth the long reads involved.

Here are the first four topics at Mirabilis, Cat Scanning King Tut, Whistled Language of Spanish Shepherd on the island of La Gomera, an astonishing kayak video, tribesman fires arrow at tsunami rescue chopper. Of course you want to read more.

More later or tomorrow...