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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Taking Heart

It may just be that long time heart disease culprit, cholesterol, is about to be joined by a blood borne C-reactive protein. You can get more information about CRT at Wikipedia.

Ridker's team analyzed the cases of 3,745 patients in a comparison of cholesterol-lowering drugs Lipitor and Pravachol. Ridker said the drug used is not as important as reducing LDL to below 70 for high-risk patients, and reducing CRP to below 2 milligrams per liter of blood. Even when you hit the LDL target, you reduce the risk of recurrent heart attacks or of dying from a heart attack or stroke another 50% by lowering the CRP to 2.
usa today
So here is my question - is there a relationship between CRT and the amino acid homocysteine which some believe is also a precursor indicator of a potential "cardiac event"?

One thing which was interesting in the USA Today report is how it very quickly went to the possibility of using drugs to control CRT. It would be interesting to know if there are means other than drugs available. (I am a huge fan of drugs when they are needed; but there are often measures as simple as ensuring adequate supplies of specific vitamins and getting lots of exercise, which can postpone the need for drugs.)