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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Way to go Palis

There was a brief, and to my mind likely false, ray of hope with the election of Mahmoud Abbas. He, at least, made noises about ending the Palestinian terror. But the dunderheads and haters in Gaza soon put paid to that,

Defying Abbas's calls for non-violence, militants from three Palestinian groups, including one belonging to his Fatah faction, carried out a
bombing and shooting attack at the Karni cargo terminal between Israel and Gaza on Thursday.

Six Israelis and three Palestinian gunmen were killed in the assault at Gaza's main economic lifeline. It was the deadliest strike by militants
in Gaza in a month.
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and, just to make sure Abbas looked a complete prat, his Minister for Negotiations - a job made redundent by the Israeli's announcement that they were voiding all future contacts as a result of the Gaza attack, came up with this bit of brilliance,
"I told them that we reject that you hold Abu Mazen responsible because he is not sworn in yet as president," Erekat said, using Abbas's nickname.
Finish the wall. Lock the gate, get on with life.