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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Whose Bitch?

New Ideas eh,

New Democratic Party top donors:

1. $909,775.00 CEP (Trade Union)
2. $775,919.60 UFCW Canada (Trade Union)
3. $823,289.60 CAW (Trade Union)
4. $374,789.68 CUPE (Trade Union)
5. $791,064.34 USWA (Trade Union)
6. $252,619.60 OPSEU (Trade Union)
7. $219,440.00 Canadian Labour Congress (Trade Union)
8. $205,900.00 IAM & AW (Trade Union)
9. $159,850.00 SEIU (Trade Union)
10. $105,246.40 Ontario Eng Catholic Teacher's Association (Trade Union)
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