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Chretien speaks!

The sponsorship program was not partisan. It was not about the Liberal Party. It was about promoting the visibility of Canada in Québec. A conventional wisdom has nonetheless been created about "Liberal friendly" advertising agencies. We have to be very careful about labels. In Québec, there are basically two types of advertising agencies - those who are "separatist friendly" and those who are "federalist friendly". Federalist friendly agencies tended to support the Conservatives when they were in power and the Liberals when they were in power. I do hope the Government of Canada used "federalist friendly" agencies to promote the visibility of Canada in Québec, not because the agencies contributed to the Liberal Party until we abolished corporate contributions, but because the only alternative in practical terms was to use "separatist friendly" agencies. If unscrupulous people used that program or any other program of the Government of Canada to line their own pockets or for inappropriate partisan ends, I repeat what I have always said. They should be found out and punished.
from the website of he who must not be linked
If there was anything wich underscored the utter bankruptcy of the Liberal Party it is the idea that there was nothing "partisan" in overtly tampering with Quebec politics using federal cash. That that money was misused is almost insignificant compared to the enormity of the Liberal Party's arrogance.

Imagine for a moment that the American government decided to spend several billion dollars seeking to influence the next Canadian election....would we be outraged?

Effectively this is exactly what Chretien is so very proud of doing in Quebec.

Were I a Quebecois, even a federalist Quebecois, I would vow never, ever, to vote Liberal again.