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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Good Bye to All That....

Us nasty American and Canadian, gay loving, Anglicans have been asked to leave the room by the primates of the Anglican Communion. What would Jesus say?

The world Anglican uproar over homosexuality erupted a few years ago after Vancouver's Bishop of New Westminster, Michael Ingham, gave his consent to the blessing of same-sex unions in the churches of his diocese. A year later, the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA) took roughly comparable action and approved the appointment of Gene Robinson, a priest living in a homosexual relationship, as bishop of New Hampshire.
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A confession: I was once a rather regular parishioner at St.Pauls Anglican Church in the West End of Vancouver. I throughly enjoyed the all singing, all dancing, 9:15 Communion (save that the Book of Common Prayer was only used once every four weeks....grrr). It would be fair to say that this service was more than a little festive.

It was also intensely moving. Because, gay or straight, many of the people at the 9:15 arrived there through loss. AIDS was a part of it; but it was also the fact that so many of the people there had felt that their church had moved away from them.

For many of the parishioners gay marraige, even the blessing of a gay union, redeemed that sense of loss. It was a gift of grace from God through His Church. Ironically bestowed in a church bearing the name of St.Paul who, pretty much on his own, imported the Levitican prohibitions against same sex sex well after Jesus had departed this world.

Politically I support SSM as a matter of equal rights before the law and in the absence of a government sensible enough to get out of the marriage business altogether.

Spiritually, in so far as I have any right to an opinion being, at best, a social member of the Anglican Church, I cannot imagine how a Christian Church can turn its back on any of God's creatures. Bishop Michael dug very deep as his diocese split on the question of individual churches having the option of celebrating same sex marriages. He was well aware of the opposition within the Anglican Communion worldwide. His deliberations and those of the clergy and laity who advised him concluded that that was a risk which the Church needed to take.

I was proud of my Bishop and my Church when the Diocese of New Westminster became the first in the Anglican world to include all of its members in all of its sacraments. It was, and is, the Christian thing to do.