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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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I'd Missed This

Having conquered Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussein, Bush and his officials and generals then made every blunder that could be imagined by an occupying power, adding several original ones of their own.

But on the defining, fundamental question, Bush was right.

He understood that to defeat an idea, no matter how perverse and brutal it might be, it was necessary to have an opposite and superior idea.

He understood, in other words — instinctively rather than intellectually — that the only way to win a war against terrorism was to turn it into a war for democracy.
richard gywn, toronto star
Gywn is writing in the aftermath of the Iraqi Elections. He is too good a reporter to get this wrong...he gets it. It makes him puke; but he knows that Bush was right in Iraq and the ripples are still being felt.

Worth keeping I think.