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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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I'll match you flip for flop

Every night Paul Martin gets down on his knees and thanks God for the bountiful blessing of having Stephen Harper trying to suck up to voters he has already alienated with his silly stand on SSM. I mean I could not make this up,

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is warning the Liberal government will pay a "severe price" if it sends Canadian troops to Iraq.

"I remembered how the prime minister attacked us during the federal election for wanting to spend more on defence," Harper told reporters Saturday in Halifax.

"I sat through an election campaign where the prime minister accused me of having secret plans to send troops to Iraq. If it turns out he has secret plans, this has to be one of the biggest election deceptions in history."

However, Harper didn't rule out supporting such an initiative if he could be convinced it was safe.
The ghost of MacKenzie King must have been in the room...

Look, Stephen, Simple rule #1...don't step on your message. Don't cry fraud and then say you'll support it.

Simple rule #2: don't play politics with Canadian troops. Either it is a good idea for them to go to Iraq or it is not. The spin just detracts from your position.

Simple rule #3: as you are on tape supporting the invasion of Iraq, why not stick to your guns and say, "Well, it's about time we supported our American friends."

Simple rule #4: the folks who are not going to vote for you for being pro-American are already not going to vote for you for being anti-gay marriage. So don't suck up to them.

Simple rule #5: troop deployments in a nation which has bombs going off at random are, by definition, unsafe. Don't be such a wuss. We pay our Armed forces a pitance to put themselves, on our behalf, in harm's way. Get over don't send soldiers because "it's safe".

Now the complicated rule, You cannot run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds. It makes you look like an idiot and leave Herle bait littering the ground. The next election is going to be nasty enough without offering Herle and the Liberals their attack strategy on a plate.