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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Two points in this al-Reuters round up:

Insurgents dragged Iraqi soldiers off a bus and shot 12 of them dead in the bloodiest attack on security forces since last weekend's historic election, the Iraqi army said on Thursday.
Shoot back.

It seems pretty obvious that the terrorist remnants are targeting police and soldiers. From which it follows that these guys should be armed and trained to shoot. Fast.

Kurds in northern Iraq, who make up about 15 percent of a national population of 27 million, voted almost unanimously at the weekend for independence in an informal referendum held alongside the official ballot.

Organizers of the unmonitored poll surveyed Kurds as they emerged from polling stations and asked them if they wanted to secede or remain part of Iraq.

Some 95 percent supported independence, organizers said. A senior Kurdish leader said self-rule was now inevitable, if not imminent.
Yup. this was on the cards the day Saddam fell. It can't be a surprise that, after ten years of effective autonomy under US and British aircover, the Kurds are none too pleased at the prospect of Shi'ite rule from Baghdad.

Is this a bad thing? Well it is if you are Turkey. But Turkey rather blotted her copybook by refusing, after French EU pressure, to allow the Americans to cross her territory at the outset of the war. Tough nuggies to the Turks.

There is nothing sacred about the territorial integrity of Iraq. It was, after all, invented shortly after the First World war by a diplomat drawing straight lines here and there.

Of course, there is the little matter of the oil. The territory of Kurdistan is well-endowed with crude. Nothing attracts a central government like black gold....