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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Lying? Surely not...

Dithers, and let's face it, no one is going to come up with a better name for Pauly, is not making much sense on BMD and the decision...Paul Wells is mean,

The government continues its hilarious adventures through space and time. Keith Martin stood in the Commons today to say that, yes indeed, the real decision was made at Cabinet, in Ottawa, on Thursday.

So the "decision" that Pierre Pettigrew shared with Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday was what? Baloney? Hypothesis? Wild guesswork?

This would be more entertaining if it were at all novel, but it's not. Nothing this prime minister says is ever consistent with his previous statements or with observable fact. He used to say our sovereignty required participating in BMD; now he says opting out of BMD was an exercise in sovereignty. He said he'd made a decision on Thursday and then shared it on Tuesday, only to send out his helpers to say Tuesday's information was not real information.
Does Dithers even know he and his government are lying. Will it take Smilin' Jack to prove it. And where the devil is the good Mr. Harper on this...Maybe voting with the government instead of, er, opposing them.