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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Moron of the Moment

"What we are seeing is a pattern that whenever equality rights and religious rights collide, equality rights trump," said Vic Toews, the Conservatives' justice spokesman.
Watching the Conservative Party walk into a train wreck on gay marriage would be kinda fun if it were not so tragic. Comrade Vic seems to think that the primacy of equality rights over religious rights is a bad thing.

Of course the Liberals' bill is not about religious rights, it's about the provision of equal governmental services. It explicitly provides that no church is to be required to perform a gay marriage. And, if Vic would get a grip he would realize that when it comes to the provision of government services, religion should have nothing to do with it. If it did then Aziz Mohammad would be able to arrive with his religiously allowed third wife and demand registration of his marriage.

I expect will will see many a dim bulb like Mr. Toews rear on his or her hind legs and says something egregiously stupid before this is over.