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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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'A Pandering we shall go...

Nothing I like more than a carefully reasoned, well thought out, decision. Even better when it concerns the defence of Canada. So I was delighted to see that Prime Minister Martin checked the polls in Quebec and only then announced Canada would not participate - at least officially - in the BMD defence of North America.

I am delighted because I know am able to do the rough calculus required to determine what the friendship and continued defence partnership withthe United States is worth to the Liberal Party....(sound of gears meshing)....Yup, ten seats in Quebec and Smilin' Jack's continued support of the Martin minority.

Imagine what Pauly would do for 30 pieces of silver.....

Update: Not even the Toronto Star, that bastion of anti-American Liberal Party thought, has the stomach for Martin's pandering:

Prime Minister Paul Martin knows Canada stood to gain more than it lost by joining the American missile defence program.

He ran for the Liberal leadership supporting the program, recognizing that U.S. President George Bush and the U.S. Congress put a high value on it in a 9/11-traumatized world where 40 nations, including North Korea, have missiles and more are getting nuclear weapons. He knew it might affect our sovereignty.

Canada was asked for little more than political support, at this early stage. The entire North Atlantic Treaty Organization had agreed that the research program makes sense. And Canada has always participated in continental defence.

Yet Martin failed to make this case, persuasively, to Canadians. He failed to sign on early, when it would have been politically less costly. He dithered until many factors combined to force his hand. And yesterday, his weakness forced him into a humiliating climb-down.
toronto star