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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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A Spade a spade...

Carle's startling testimony, at the public inquiry into the federal sponsorship program, drew a tart observation from Justice John Gomery. "If this were a drug deal, it would be called money-laundering," said Gomery.

"You're not wrong," Carle meekly replied.
OK, now we have our terms straight...let's go to the lawyer for a little confusion on behalf of the client,
His lawyer, Pierre Latraverse, had a different assessment as he later left the hearing room. He called it an "inappropriate use of words by the judge."
The Cretienistas strategy is becoming very clear. If your guy looks bad attack the Judge. Attack the Commission. Attack, attack, attack.

Of course, when there is no defence, attack is really the only, if forelorn, option.

Update: Certainly perked up media coverage of Gormery: front page of the Sun...I wonder what Mr. K - he who shall not be linked - is saying...