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Wag the Dog

Edward Driscoll has an interesting article up at Tech Central on the long tail of the blogosphere. All those blogs, like this one, which are miles away from huge influence but are read carefully by a select and committed audience. In it he mentions an interesting fact about the fragmentation of american - and by extension - Canadian - culture and media,

It's not just television entertainers and their audiences that are turned upside down by the growing "demassification" of the media. The economist Thomas Sowell noted last year that during Tom Brokaw's long tenure as NBC News anchorman, he took his show from last place among the big three broadcast networks to number one. But he had more viewers when he was in the cellar, more than 20 years ago, than he had in first place this year when he retired, because fewer people now watch NBC, ABC, or CBS News. First is not always biggest if the pie has shrunk.
I wonder what the CBC/CTV numbers look like.