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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Went to a Fight and a Caucus Meeting Broke Out

In the closed-door session, Toronto MP Tom Wappel, who is strongly opposed to legislation that will redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, accused Paul Martin of reneging on his promise to address the so-called democratic deficit by not allowing cabinet ministers to vote freely on this issue.
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This is not the first time Liberal have called each other liars. But the internal war in the Liberal cacus on SSM could get interesting. Seeing twenty Liberal members suddenly find it necessary to take a walk would be more than a little amusing.

It will not, however, help the Conservatives much as they are still going to be painted as irredeemable bigots lacking the courage of their anti-SSM position simply because Harper is unwilling to nail the issue by saying he would use the not withstanding clause to over ride the decision of the Courts in seven provinces. Which means that the CPC position is that they are - for whatever harebrained reason - against gay marriage but unwilling to, er, do anything about it.

The best thing about all this is that there was never any urgency to introducing Federal legislation in the first place. Canada would have merrily continued with gay marriage legal in seven provinces and problematic in three. So what? While Alberta might well have refused to register gay marriages, it is next to impossible to imagine that the Alberta Courts would have refused to recognize such marriages contracted in other jurisdictions.

Of course, what Canada actually needs is a political party which could cope with such radical decentralization, had no problem with equal rights for citizens and was willing to fight for that principle. Fat chance.