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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The Flea Say it all

I will never support, let alone vote for, the Conservatives as long as this is the party line on marriage. Not only is this separate-but-equal take wrong on moral grounds but this sort of anti-Charter, anti-judiciary pandering is exactly the sort of populist pap the Alliance tried to sell for years. Welcome to ten more years of Liberal government.
the flea
I thought I would bring this up from my comments. Nick is a pretty good representative of the hipper, more libertarian, people the CPC has just sent to the sidelines for the next few years. The CPC SSM position means that I have no party to vote for come the next election.

And yes, it does matter that much because I do not want a country run by bigots or a party which panders to bigots. In fact, and it pains me to say it, I would rather have a country run by arrogant crooks who respected the essential equality of all Canadians than one run by Puritans who don't.

Leaves a clear field for Ezra and his ilk to prove, once again, that socons are an electorally insuficient minority of Canadians. You would have thought that Stocky's run would have made that point; but never underestimate the depths of dumb available to the socon right.