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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Fun for Tories

The good Doctor points me to this:

The prevention of same-sex marriages has been given the highest priority of all policies to be debated by federal Conservatives when they meet this month to establish the first agenda of their new party.

And, despite warnings that it will kill the party's chances in Quebec, delegates to the Montreal meeting will also consider a resolution to ban third-trimester abortions.

The fact that social concerns place so high among Conservative interests worries some party members who say the focus will damage chances of winning the next election.
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Yup, these guys are geniuses. Now, in the CPC's defence they have a system in place which allows the riding associations to determine the agenda item's priority. Which means that party activists who tend to be rather dedicated socons are going to ensure that the Tories really do sound like a bunch of rural fundys...Bye, bye Quebec.

Between that and the move to support the Liberal budget one might almost think Harper has a side deal to throw the next election.


(And to forestall the CPC zealots: yes, it is all very democratic. Great. As the Liberals are proving this week, policy conventions are for setting out a vision. they are managed and the whackier fringes are allowed to debate any resolution they want in a small room a very long way from the plenary. With a little luck they will debate long enough that the final resolution will never make it to the floor of that plenary.

One of the reasons why I don't fly a CPC flag on this blog is that the poor bastards are just sooooo clueless about how political hardball is played.

Here's a hint: you don't actually go out of your way to alienate large segments of the voting public at an essentially meaningless policy resolutions.

The horror of all of this is that there is every chance that Mr. Dithers will be able to continue to succker punch the CPC to the point where when he decides to call an election - because, Lord knows the Tories are too polite to, er, force an election - he'll beat the CPC hollow.

"You thought they were scary I need your help to fight for the rights of every Canadian. The Harper Conservatives want to take away your equality rights and the rights of Canadian women. I need your help to stop them." Oh God, the speech writes itself.

No, really, dumb.

Sack of hammers dumb.