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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Is Karl Rove Working for the Grits?

Canadians love the Charter but, as the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber reports,

“Former Stockwell Day aide Ezra Levant, now publisher of the Western Standard magazine, has also come out with a button against same-sex marriage: "It's the stupid Charter." That's a send-up of the young Liberals' buttons, "It's the Charter, stupid," that were being worn at the Grit convention two weeks ago.”
norman's spectator
Sack of hammers dumb. Short plank thick. It is difficult to imagine any dumber move for a Conservative supporter to make.

Now, if Ezra a mere cog in the Tory machine this particular idiocy could be dismissed as the blatherings of an ignorant and unimportant buffoon. Trouble is that Ezra has carved out a media profile as a chubby counter weight to the Mr. Ks of the Liberal Party. And he has his own magazine.

Sadly this shows just how profoundly the Tories have missed the huge opportunity the Charter offers for the promotion of individual rights in an increasingly statist society. The CPC should not be condemning the Charter, they should be smart enough to use it to promote greater individual freedom.

But the CPC has not got the first clue about individual freedom. Doesn't want to know either.

Ezra has not a glimmer of a clue about how the Charter is viewed outside the shadow of the Husky Tower. For minorities, women, people falsely accused, holders of unpopular opinions, the Charter is a breakwater against the power of the state. Of course it is open to abuse and it still lacks the century of jurisprudence which will make it a living document. But, for the moment, it is all we have.

Recognizing Ezra as David Herle's useful idiot at the CPC convention insults idiots. There is a word for it...gormless. Yep, that pretty much covers Ezra.