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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Looking to Form

The Liberal Party is the heavyweight champion of western politics. They defend well. They attack ferociously and opportunistically. They have one thing on their minds, one purpose - winning. To beat a champion like that, you can't dance around the outside, peppering jabs and avoiding punishment. You have to throw combinations in convincing fashion. You have to look the part. The judges will give it to the champion every time unless they see something decisive to change their minds.
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Alan nails it. The great slug of the Liberal Party will simply ooze into power on momentum and the sheer idiocy of Ontario voters (and more than a few dummies out here.)

You don't stop that slug by forgetting to vote for your own budget amendment. Or, at least, you create a little dramatic tension by ommiting to announce your intention to vote for the budget until the day.

Last time out Harper more or less stopped campaigning with about a week to go before the polls, I have to admit, in retrospect, I think he may have decided it would be better for Martin to get stuck with the minority.

If he was that Machiavellian then, what the devil has happened since?

The only tory who has shown a speck of competitive gumption (and there I go beginning to sound like JimBobby) is Belinda Stonach. She actually did the unthinkable and defeated the government on a government bill. Not a matter of confidence; but still a defeat.

Looking good Belinda.