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Not Good News

Attempts to get Canadians out of their cars and onto public transit aren't working. Preliminary figures released by Statistics Canada yesterday show the number of Canadians using public transit is dropping in Canada's 10 largest cities -- news that's not good in light of the federal government's Kyoto commitments.

The stats show in January 2005 there were 106.9 million bus riders in the country's 10 largest urban centres, down by 1% compared to the same time last year.
ottawa sun
I suspect the reason the ridership has to do with the relative level of affluence Canadians are experiencing. I happen to like the bus but not enough that I would ride it voluntarily if I could afford to run a car which was fun to drive. At the moment the Canadian economy is doing well enough that the bus is a little emptier...Not great for our silly Kyoto commitments, but a suggestion people are doing better.