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Oil Prices

I am working on an article about high oil prices.

With all the bluster about Kyoto - and I am wondering when the feds will be sending me a cheque for not actually running a car though I live 15 miles from the nearest store...a tonne and then some - the actual fact is that as the price of oil rises the incentive to come up with better, cleaner and more efficient technologies increases.

Which is OPEC's worst nightmare come true. Let's face it, burning dead dinos is very 1950.

As the price rises the possiblity of serious coin from everything from cheap solar arrays to hybrid cars increases. At the right price, and $50.00 may well be it, people are going start thinking outside the barrel. And when they do the chances are there will be a Moore's law progression in energy efficiency.

Which will, of course, leave 6000 Saudi princes sitting in a sandbox playing with black gloopy stuff...couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

(Of course, the speed of the innovation will take some time to materialize. Enough time that the various oil sands projects in Canada should pay out.)