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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Read this...

Christopher Hitchens on the mysterious case of the "looting" of Iraq's WMD capacity...

It was eye-rubbing to read of the scale of this potential new nightmare. There in cold print was the Al Hatteen "munitions production plant that international inspectors called a complete potential nuclear weapons laboratory." And what of the Al Adwan facility, which "produced equipment used for uranium enrichment, necessary to make some kinds of nuclear weapons"? The overall pattern of the plundered sites was summarized thus, by reporters James Glanz and William J. Broad:

The kinds of machinery at the various sites included equipment that could be used to make missile parts, chemical weapons or centrifuges essential for enriching uranium for atom bombs.

My first question is this: How can it be that, on every page of every other edition for months now, the New York Times has been stating categorically that Iraq harbored no weapons of mass destruction? And there can hardly be a comedy-club third-rater or activist in the entire country who hasn't stated with sarcastic certainty that the whole WMD fuss was a way of lying the American people into war. So now what? Maybe we should have taken Saddam's propaganda seriously, when his newspaper proudly described Iraq's physicists as "our nuclear mujahideen."
I take no glee in the apparent fact that the facilities for making WMD's were in Iraq as suspected, I take less from the apparent fact that these machines were removed wholesale by "looters" drving flatbed trucks...

Where did this stuff go? Where is it now?

Over at Blogs Canada John Manley is being pilloried for agreeing with a report which calls for a Canada/US/Mexico security zone. Given what may be out there Manley may look brilliant sooner rather than later. Unfortunately it will be after a nasty bit of terrorism hits Canada.