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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Spoke too soon

RCMP Commissioner Guiliano Zaccardelli said in an interview that his condemnation of grow-ops just hours after the shootings may have been inappropriate because police and politicians did not have full details of the particular case and the background of the killer.

Commissioner Zaccardelli and Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, his political boss as the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, spoke of the scourge of marijuana grow operations within hours of the killings and the need for tougher penalties for those who operate them.

"I gave what I believed was the best information I had knowing full well that at that time I didn't have all the information," a contrite Commissioner Zaccardelli said. "Clearly, there's a lot of things in there that, in hindsight, we will have to look at in a different perspective."
ottawa citizen
While it is good that Zaccardelli has admitted that the grow op aspect of the Roszko tragedy was overblown, I can't help but wonder why he and his political masters felt it necessary to comment before the facts were in.

Spinning a tragedy is reprehensible.