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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Storm and Fury

Matt Labash writes about Canada in the current Weekly Standard. I don't think he was terrribly impressed. But after wading through 5400 words I can't see why.

He goes to the Vancouver heroin shooting gallery and is not impressed...Now, imagine if you will, going to an area comparable to Main and Hastings in the US. Yeah, right.

He goes to the Amsterdam Cafe a few blocks up and is unimpressed at the pot smokers toking openly while their tobacco fiend friends are behind glass. I guess it would take locking the pot smokers up for life to impress Matt.

He visits an immigration lawyer who goes on about how the Canadian immigration system can be made to work for Americans wanting to flee Bushitler...well, that is what lawyers do.

He has dinner with a real estate agent and two cute American lesbians who have married in Vancouver and who are going to move up here...he's not impressed.

He reports smelling pot aboard a BC way...and has a drunken chat with an American gal who has bought a hotel on Quadra Island and loves living there...not terribly impressed is our Matt.

He makes the assorted predicatable remarks about 9 month waits for an MRI....Sigh.

His real spleen is, however, reserved for those dreadful Americans who want to leave America and come here.

Good for him I say. The last thing we need are the Bush-deranged. Please, please, stay in America and work for change or whatever the hell else you want. But don't come here if your only reason is that you don't like the States.

Canada's thready national identity is irritatingly buttressed with a long streak of antti-Americanism and that streak will only go longer if Americans come here for partisan reasons.

Yankee stay home!