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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Vote Liberal....Well let's not be hasty

In my earlier post on the CPC SSM position I said it had cost the CPC my vote. The flea has gone one step further and said his reaction is to vote Liberal. I am certainly sympathetic to that position and, more or less unthinkably, it is an option I am seriously entertaining.

My problem with voting Liberal is that I don't think the Liberals deserve one more minute in government. I was sorely disappointed when the CPC sat on its hands when its own Budget ammendment came up for a vote.

James Bow suggests the Green Party and I will certainly investigate that option as, out here on the Gulf Islands, a Green candidate could be elected.

However, more likely than not, I will not vote at all.

In a democracy the option of "none of the above" is officially unpopular. Unofficially, the voter turnout statistics suggest that it is just as popular as any of the parties.

My Tory friends are urging a Tory vote to get rid of the Liberals - a position which I am also sympathetic to. The problem is that a Tory vote is an explicit endorsement of the CPC's policies including its embrace of second class citizenship for homosexuals. I cannot endorse that policy.

My Tory friends also suggest that the SSM position of the CPC was part of a deal to keep abortion off the floor of the convention. If this is, in fact, the case it only strengthens my disgust at the utter lack of principle or constitutional understanding the CPC seems willing to exhibit to the world.

Cutting a deal on equality before the law in order to placate the soccons is reprehensible.

I have written a number of posts on the optics of the CPC SSM position and what I expect the Liberal (and NDP/BQ) spin will be. However, if this really was a "screw the gays and we'll give you a pass on abortion" deal, the Lib/NDP/BQ attacks will be entirely justified.

And, worse still, the CPC's opponents will be able to say with justice that the CPC stands for nothing at all. That for no better reason than internal peace it is willing to create second class Canadians.

I think the flea is quite right when he predicts ten more years of Liberal government. Not because Canadians want Liberal government, rather because they want the rudderless CPC's two tiered citizenship even less.

I dispair.