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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Cosh on Ignatieff

Ignatieff regards the Liberals the same way all Liberals do, though he is more candid than most. He sees them as "the governing party", period. It's a matter of religious faith. So while he might be capable of quarrelling with the Liberals on fine points of post-Pearsonian foreign policy, he is utterly unprepared to offer a comprehensive critique of the party's history. He is no use at all to Canada, even as a guide to the Liberal Party's soul-searching (and let us know when you find one, fellas).
colby cosh
As it becomes increasingly clear that Dithers cannot buy a clue, a tired party casts about for its new leader....What about Ignatieff?

Colby does us proud in his balanced, but very fair, analysis of Ignatieff's attractions and his remarkable lack of knowledge when it comes to the nitty gritty of things Canadian.

I suspect that the more likely outcome with the election now all but set for June, is that there will be very little Liberal Party left to lead. Once a party has been proven corrupt and is rendered leaderless by the remarkable incapacity of the strawman who holds that position, the electorate is seldom very merciful.

Even Torontonians may conclude that enough is enough.