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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The publication ban has been partially lifted.

Nothing nicer than tales of envelopes full of cash being passed across Montreal restaurant tables...

At the time, Mr. Brault was considering selling Groupaction so he didn't want a bogus employee. He said he offered instead to pay $5,000 each month in cash.

The next time at the restaurant, Mr. Brault said he put an envelope of cash on the table and left for the bathroom when Mr. Wiseman showed up.

"When I came back, the two were seated, the money was gone. The conversation went as if nothing had happened."

In all, he paid Mr. Wiseman up to $25,000, Mr. Brault said.
globe and mail
Fake invoices, pass alongs of invoices from companies owned by Libeeral operatives which did not, in fact, do any work.

This is very dirty indeed.

About the best that the Liberals can do is to try and discredit Brault and pray that the Pope's funeral and Chuck and Camilia will eat front page space....fat chance.