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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Gung Ho!

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says though the federal Liberals are "morally bankrupt" he's not prepared to bring down their minority government.

Harper emerged from a Tory caucus meeting Wednesday to emphatically state that Canadians need time to learn and digest the damning details about a Liberal-organized sponsorship program emerging from a federal inquiry.

"It is not my intention and it is not my party's intention to provoke and election simply on our own timetable or because of our own interests," Harper said.

"We have to be sure the public understands this (sponsorship information) and the public is demanding this election."
It is pretty rare to see this sort of backpedalling in the face of a huge political scandal. Harper seems to have all the fight of a damp kitten.

He does, however, come up with a really oily reason why,
Conservatives believe the Bloc Quebecois would be the principal beneficiary of a snap election, which would likely virtually sweep Quebec clean of federalist MPs.

Harper argued it will take time to rebuild federal institutions in the province that will be "immeasurably" damaged by Liberal sponsorship shenanigans.

He said he wants to be the prime minister of all Canadians, not just those outside Quebec.

"It's the people of Canada, from one end of the country to the other, who have to decide that the time has come to get beyond the debate in Quebec between corruption and separation," said Harper.
Very likely the Bloc will clean up in Quebec and, with an actual campaign, Harper should be able to take most of the seats in ROC. Why is this a problem?

At some point Canadian politicians are going to have to come to grips with the fact Quebec is its own entity. Which means it will elect Bloc MPs to get the best deal it can in Canada. This should not be news.

The fact that the corrupt Liberal Party tried to bribe Quebecers to stay in Canada was an insult to the intelligence of those voters. One which will not be forgotten so long as the Liberals remain in power.

Harper's job is to defeat the