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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Let's Make a Deal

I thought Harper made a pretty good speech....Especially this line:

"The prime minister has just cut a $4.5 billion deal to buy votes to deal with allegations of vote buying," he said. "So to deal with Liberal corruption we get an NDP budget. The way that this parliament is supposed to work, I guess, is what the Liberals don't steal the NDP gets to spend."
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Harper needs to get angry. He needs to express the outrage that many Canadians are feeling at the ongoing revelations of Liberal corruption and, as Andrew Coyne points out, it was not just in Quebec,

"A year later, Coffin's firm was hired for a campaign to promote an agreement between Ottawa and Quebec to increase funding for health care.

But the work was actually completed by the Toronto company Gingko Group.

Coffin said his company was the official agency on paper because Gingko, which was favoured by the Privy Council Office, had not won the contract through a competitive process."

The rot in the Liberal Party is so profound that only their complete defeat as quickly as possible will ensure that a) the Gomery Inquiry is allowed to proceed to its conclusion, b) that criminal charges are filed against all of the Liberals who participated in or benefited from the Adscam and related matters, c)there is a chance to create an untainted federalist force in Quebec politics to counter the surging tide of seperatist sentiment created by the Liberal party thugs.

The cuteness of the Layton/Martin anschluss lies in the fact that Martin has so little power that he has been willing to let Layton run Parliament rather than facing the Commons himself.

Dithers and all his works must go...quickly, before he does any more damage.