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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Order of Canada, eh

Former aboriginal leader David Ahenakew said he still stands behind anti-Semitic remarks he made more than two years ago and blames the media for trying to "destroy" his life by publishing them.
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Gee, here's an idea, why not strip Ahenakew of his Order of Canada on the basis that he is a revolting anti-Semite and a disgrace to the Order....

Update: Freddy checked and it is possible to take the Order away...
Can the Order be taken away from someone?
Yes. The Constitution of the Order allows for termination of membership. A recommendation for termination is made to the Governor General by the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada, chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada.
I can't find a citation for the actual Constitution of the Order. However, the Advisory Council is on the case and I, for one, would not want to be at the receiving end of Chief Justice MacLauglin's ire....
May 9, 2003

OTTAWA – On behalf of the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada, Barbara Uteck, Secretary to the Governor General and Secretary General to the Advisory Council, today issued the following statement.

"At its May meeting, the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada discussed the status of Mr. David Ahenakew's membership in the Order of Canada in light of public statements he made on December 13, 2002. The Advisory Council has decided to defer further discussion on the matter until the legal proceedings under consideration by the Attorney General of Saskatchewan are completed."
Statement from the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada